Update and Where in the World Have I Been?

So there is no getting around it, I have not been blogging recently and it shows. I went through a period at the end the year where I worked 3 jobs and just did not have the time to commit to this blog that I wanted to. Even to copy and paste a story that I had already written. I was just too busy and for that I apologize. Even if I barely edit I want to put out the best quality that I can.

That being said here are the updates! I am in the process of rewriting Aftermath so that I can self-publish it as a novella. It is a painstaking process, but I am learning a lot about what choices to make in the future when I work on pieces. Secondly, I am in the process of the first draft of a graphic novel. I have come up with a hero concept and placed him in the Queen City to make a name for myself and get a comic book out there. I am going to try and continue comic and movie reviews on this blog as well as post updates on the things I am currently working on.

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