Long Breaks and Procrastination: Time Management

So, I’m back to blogging…again. Why do I keep taking month long breaks? I want to say it’s because I’m busy working on some amazing projects, but that would honestly be a lie. The truth requires me to really look at myself and see a deeper flaw than I want to admit.

I get distracted and procrastinate. At least with this platform. I work hard at work, I write a ton with my comic scripts and my new prose project going. So, why don’t I come to this platform where I could wax poetic about the stuff going on in my life? I let my life get in the way. I could find the time to sit down and write a 300-500 word blog post about how . fantasy has changed or new comics that are out and what is going on in that world, but then I’d have less time to hang out with my wife, I’d have less time to play video games, or less time to read the comics and novels that are piling up on my bookcase.

Time management is key here. I do not manage my time well when I am at home. And, I’m willing to bet that someone reading this is a lot like me with their time management skills. The “I’ll do it later” phenomenon. Later is always there to take a task you have set out but the crazy thing is as now becomes the later the task was pushed to I keep pushing it later. I don’t take the 15 minutes it would take me to get up and do the dishes or read a comic or write literally 200 words in a book I want to succeed. But, on the other hand I will drop everything and go on a four hour side quest that has pretty much 0 impact and would be there after the 15 minutes I took to finish the task.

So, I’ve been ripping into myself with 0 solution proposed. What am I going to do and will it work for you? Honestly, I don’t know if what works for me will work for you. The best way I found to fix my time management is to reward myself for doing the tasks I have for the day. Need to do the dishes? Put them in the dishwasher and then take a few minutes to do something else. Gotta get this piece written? Write 200 words and if I’m not in the zone take a quick break and gather my thoughts until everything is laid out.

The issue I run into with this sometimes is that my reward breaks tend to last just a little . bit too long. Now I am left with the situation of how in the world am I going to make my breaks shorter and not get distracted? By doing my absolute best. Once I’m doing something I want to see it through. The issue for me is always starting.

I hope this will help someone. I know really looking into flaws is always a hard process, but if you do it you can always come out on the other side feeling better and more ready to handle the situation.

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