Writers: Real Life Introverts, Imaginary Extroverts

The title is absolutely a bold claim but let me explain what I mean. Modern day writers spend a lot of their time sitting behind a computer screen having sometimes 1000 imaginary conversations with people that will never exist. In the outside world most writers are introverted. There is always that one exception to the rule and there will be some extroverted writers. But mostly writers are on the quieter side and contribute to conversation with planned responses or when they feel that their response will make the most impact, or I’m projecting.

That brings me to flesh out the “imaginary extrovert” claim. Sitting behind a computer screen I have way more conversations that I do in person. Right now you and I are having a very one sided conversation about writers and their personalities. In the real word I would probably never approach you about this idea, but here I am imagining myself as an extrovert and talking at length about this subject.

It is crazy to think about blog posts or really any article as a one sided conversation where an introvert(not always but mostly) tells you what they think about a certain subject. But, I want to know what you the reader thinks about this idea. Are you an introvert in person but when you write you are extroverted or are you an extrovert that likes to write. Do you agree with me or disagree. Please let me know, I would love to have conversations about this subject.

Writing On A Busy Schedule

Writing while working on a more than 40 hour work week can be hard, trust me it has impacted my blog more than it has anything else. I went from blogging once a week to maybe once every two weeks. Nothing has made more upset about the job I currently work more than the fact that it is impacting my ability to write.

While I could go on and on about how much I dislike what I do that is not writing that is not what this blog post is about. I am here to talk about what I do to combat the impact on my writing. The real question is: how do you write on a severe time constraint? That answer is not a simple one. What I do personally is I write a lot by hand to work on the projects that I have going. Transcribing those to electronic copies still takes me a long time but I get there eventually.

I have found that making “To-Do” lists get me going and help me get things done that need to be done. Crazy how writing things down on a piece of paper and physically checking them off really motivate you to get them done. Hopefully this advice has helped you or given you the inspiration needed to make a to-do list or something else that will help get the motivation juices flowing and that project that you are working on done.


Hope and dream
You’ll make it out of here
Your personality doesn’t fit here
You’ll find a way
It’s not all gloom and doom
There is a light
At the end of this terrible tunnel
Sales isn’t as bad as it seems
But this place is
This place is worse
Your talents will work for you
They’ll be your tools
Make them a shovel or pick
And you’ll escape
Escape to where you belong
Escape to a place that is better
You can run away from it
And tell this place to kiss your ass

Casual Friday

Jeans and a t-shirt
If it's the right day
Jeans and an oxford 
On a normal Friday 
It's a casual day 
But there is still a dress code
Boosts morale
Changes perspective 
Sell more, you're comfortable 
Dress how you would on a night out
Minus the drunk face and vomit stains
You'll be ready to leave and cope with the stress
Follow the code though
Or you'll be sent home
It's casual Friday 
A reason to celebrate

An Update on my novel and The Office Suffering Series

Just wanted to put out a quick update. Because of a couple things happening in my late all at once I have not been able to write as much as I would have hoped to. There are still 2 poems to come from the Office Suffering Series and my book should be done soon(I say that knowing full well I’ll procrastinate). 

I didn’t want anyone to think I ended the series on a sour note or that I had stopped writing my book for one reason or the other. Have a great day and if you care to let me know if anything gets in your way when you write. Other than your own self criticisms.

A New Project Approaches

Much like any author I have a ton of ideas. The new project I have started with the help of several other writers is an idea i sat on since college. I’m super excited about it but want to keep as much of a lid on the specifics as possible to not ruin the surprise. 

It is something that hasn’t been done before and I think it will be a great testament to what a group of people can come up with. I can’t wait to tell everyone more about it.

What Makes You More Creative?

As a writer and a lifelong creator there have definitely been things that I feel make me personally more creative, or rather get me out of my head. This can be a multitude of things from a generous pour of whisky(yes I spell it the European way) or epic metal songs and honestly anything in between. 

I have the tendency to get too much into my own head and over think how something might sound or read. This is a terrible thing to do because it halts my progress. The music, usually folk metal or neo-classical, gets me out of my head and makes me write and let’s me get more into the story. The whisky does the same as long as it’s done responsibly. (I refuse to be responsible for anyone reading this getting black-out drunk and writing.) I usually just take one drink let it sit to loosen a bit and then go. It does the same thing of getting me out of my head but with less background noise. 

I am very curious does anyone else use alcohol or music to get the juices going? Or do you do something entirely different like watching D&D streams, playing an RPG, or something way off like taking a hike? I want to know to open myself up to these and just see how everyone else does it as well.

Bad Manager

You answer to me
No you can’t take lunch
What if you’re needed
Do as I say
Get here before you’re supposed to
Or you’re late
The requirements are the minimum
Forget all your other duties
Do as I say
You can’t take any breaks
You are here for the reasons I say
I will undermine you
I will use HR against you
There is nothing you can do
Other than to
Do as I say
What I told you was wrong?
You’re at fault
Period bottom line
It’s all on you
Don’t make me look bad
Do as I say
You have to remember
You answer to me

Fantasy Politics Stories vs. Sword and Sorcery

It seems pretty clear at least to me that focusing on the politics of daily life and the way the governments work is far more popular in the current fantasy mainstream. Which seems odd, at least to me, that the journey type of fantasy novel with a grand quest like the Lord of the Rings or every Dungeons And Dragons campaign would fall out to the popular eye.

My theory as to why this happened was the rise of fantasy in television. Most notably Game of Thrones. The show gave the books a huge boost in popularity making them the pinnacle of fantasy for our time. GoT is a great show and a great series of books but I think the sword and sorcery or epic quest fantasy novels are a little underappreciated currently. That may change as time goes.

I say that because from my experience with fantasy noir novels and the current tabletop renaissance going on I think more people will be looking for something closer to the stories that they are sharing with their friends at the table. Or, I am completely wrong and projecting my own wants onto the entire fantasy community. But, I am curious as a reader and writer which do you prefer. The politics of normal life or the epic quest?