A New Project Approaches

Much like any author I have a ton of ideas. The new project I have started with the help of several other writers is an idea i sat on since college. I’m super excited about it but want to keep as much of a lid on the specifics as possible to not ruin the surprise. 

It is something that hasn’t been done before and I think it will be a great testament to what a group of people can come up with. I can’t wait to tell everyone more about it.

NaNoWriMo Report Card

Unfortunately I did not quite finish my book. I was able to make an huge amount of progress. I went from serially adding chapters to elongate the story putting myself further and further behind to knocking out close to seven chapters. The rest of the book should move quickly as I have the ideas ready and some of the chapters already written.

I may not have been able to get the book done in November due to my procrastinating nature but my hopes are that it is done before 2018.

Book Update #2

Against all odds I have stopped adding chapters and I can finally get to finishing up the story. I am down to 12 chapters left to write plus and epilogue that I have already written to set up further for the next book.

This significant only on the grounds that for a moment I felt like I would never stop adding chapters because I never wanted to be done. Until I remembered this is the first book in the series and I won’t be done with these characters for quite some time. I am ecstatic that you will all be able to read it soon.

I am writing a book

Hello, while this blog is mainly used to talk about historical inaccuracies in the media I wanted to point your attention to the fact that I am writing a High Fantasy(kinda) novel that I hope to run as a series. It will be entirely self published because of my recent day jobs I am now opposed to gate keepers.

When it publishes it will be on the Amazon Kindle Store and I would be incredibly happy if you would check it out. Projected publishing is November after finishing the writing and editing processes.