Up and down
Up and down
This system never seems to work
Log in
Running slow
Things will never get done
Click a button
Wait an hour
Pass the time
Do this instead
Stay productive
It'll be up soon
Train on this
It will help
The system might come back up
There it is
And it's slower
Get to work
Be patient
Do your job

Using Tropes to Your Advantage

It is no secret that tropes exist and a lot of people complain when they are used and writer’s try to avoid them at all cost.  But, I want to offer an alternative. What if a writer used a trope or cliche as a characters defense mechanism to who they really are.

This idea brings up a lot of ideas. Having a heroic character actually be a psychotic murderer. A person who uses adventuring as an excuse to kill indiscriminately or every D&D character ever. Or you could take the jolly male character and make him terribly depressed, using the humor like most real people do to cover the suffering they feel inside. Or what about the coward, this is an interesting trope. Taking the Paris character and turning them into someone who is brave and will lay down their life for the right cause can be tricky. 

I see this as a way to write a fantasy book or really any book and not focus on straying away from tropes and cliches but rather using them, more than usual, and then using different possibly darker chapters to show that the trope is a mask, a facade, or any other defense mechanism. It’s not often that a fantasy book would get as self aware as what I am describing but I think it could be an interesting adventure. 

Tell what you think. Should authors take this direction? Should they go the more Martin route and disregard them or become the trope ridden fantasy novel?


Meeting after meeting
In boardrooms and in gyms
Sit here, listen up, take it all in
This might be important
Take this down
Here’s a pamphlet
It covers everything we’re going over
That doesn’t make this pointless
It’s so you can’t forget
Don’t read it now
What is being said is important
Managers are on their cell phones
But don’t text
Don’t miss a word
This is needed and important
It reinforces what was taught
This is for a different group
But everyone needs this
Now it’s done
Everyone can leave
But be on time for the next one
It starts very soon
It will be important too
Don’t miss a word

Call Center

Phone call after phone call
Voice mail after voice mail
Being ignored daily by strangers to never see
None of this means anything
At least not to me

Pulling inspiration from the boredom
To make the days go faster
Hours seem to drag on
As a phone rings in the ear
Maybe someone enjoys this

Weasley managers
Popping into sight
Stuck in their traditions
That don’t work anymore
Afraid to change with the time

Work more hours
Listen to more phones
Continue redundant practices
Until something clicks

Break from the system
Make something work
Until the last day
Look back and think “Fuck ’em”
Live finally free

NaNoWriMo Report Card

Unfortunately I did not quite finish my book. I was able to make an huge amount of progress. I went from serially adding chapters to elongate the story putting myself further and further behind to knocking out close to seven chapters. The rest of the book should move quickly as I have the ideas ready and some of the chapters already written.

I may not have been able to get the book done in November due to my procrastinating nature but my hopes are that it is done before 2018.

Your 20s Experience

Broken promises and stressed nights
Clenched jaws and greying hair
Getting older is no fun
Free time that was there is severely missed

Waking up tired
Cold and alone
The coffee is always there
With and with a black tone

Enjoy your youth
Go out and experience life
With money you don’t have
Because you need to pay rent

Watch others succeed and feel like you’ve failed
Work tirelessly at jobs that kill you
To feel like you’re going somewhere

Nobody is hiring
Where you want to be
Hard to go out an make it happen
When you’ll end up with less money

Burnt at Both Ends

There they go
There they went
Who knew
Life was like a candlestick

Bright and vibrant when awake
Dark when rest time comes
Changing shape with each passing day
Getting worn out
By the people who use you to light their way

They’ll be greedy
Burning you as much as they like
They’re not evil or bad
Just misguided and maybe sad

They aren’t good for you though
You have your own path to light
Don’t let the burnt out tell you it’s right
Burn more slowly

Do it with a smile
So that your flame shines
To light your way
Not wearing you out

The Office Suffering Series Introduction

I am going to be posting a collection of poems here inspired by my suffering in a Call Center. I don’t want anyone to misconstrue this as me putting down call center employees but rather I want to share my perspective on the culture of high stress sales jobs. I will be posting them in a chronological order of sorts as they more or less build on each other, going from a standard AB format to a more free form as the suffering continues and more grievances need to be aired.

I hope you all enjoy them and can appreciate what it is like to have the heart of a freelancer and be trapped in a 9-5 that doesn’t respect you as a person.


Book Update #2

Against all odds I have stopped adding chapters and I can finally get to finishing up the story. I am down to 12 chapters left to write plus and epilogue that I have already written to set up further for the next book.

This significant only on the grounds that for a moment I felt like I would never stop adding chapters because I never wanted to be done. Until I remembered this is the first book in the series and I won’t be done with these characters for quite some time. I am ecstatic that you will all be able to read it soon.

Hardboiled Fantasy and the Future of Fantasy Novels

Fantasy Noir or Hardboiled Fantasy is a niche genre but probably one of the best ones out there today. It throws away all the ideas of the grand journey and looks more toward the people on the street and investigations. My personal favorite example is the Ratcatchers series by Matt Colville. It focuses on a main character in the first book as he tries to solve something for the church he is a part of.

I think the hardboiled fantasy and the fantasy noir is the direction that main stream fantasy will go in. People’s attention spans are getting shorter and these novels rely on being punchy and short and delivering the story to you quickly as it clues you in on what’s going on in the world. It is a far cry from the 1000 manuscripts that George RR Matin takes his time to put out on the shelf. This is not to say that this style of writing is bad in any way, but I personally can barely get through the novels and I quite like them. Recently I skipped the fourth novel in the series after talking to people to find out that it had no information that was super necessary to understand what would be going on in the next book.

The longer form fantasy is still great and has seen great success over the years. With Patrick Rothfuss’ series set to become the next fantasy TV series. So this is not to say it is on it’s way out but I think over the years that Hardboiled fantasy may become just a prevalent or more so as it develops as a genre and gains more attention. If you have read any hardboiled or fantasy noir works that you think are great let me know. I am always looking for more inspiration and things to read. And, please tell me if you think that this part of the fantasy genre is going to gain steam or if you think that it is a fad that may soon die out.