Working With a Fantasy World: How Do You Do It?

I have made it no secret that I am writing a book. I have also stated that it is a high fantasy setting (sorta). High fantasy because of plate mail, magic, and army sizes. And, sorta because the story revolves around eight main characters. Five of which are the children of what would be a real medieval barons, the estranged son of the king, a slum rat, and a barbarian. When they are all together it has a “large party D&D campaign” feel.

I say all of that for two reasons: 1. Drum up exposure for the eventual release and 2. Give some pretext to the world. I know some fantasy authors will make a world that works completely different from Earth and have that be a basis and others will use long convoluted names and magic. Honestly I went with the second one. The world works similar to Earth but there is magic and everyone has a long “fantasy” name. I was curious as to what other writers use to make their fantasy world. Is it fantasy races like elves and dwarves? Crazy, long, hard-to-pronounce names? Or a world where seasons last for decades?

Further questions are: how do you use magic? Personally, I made it dangerous, with very steep consequences. What about dragons? Tameable? Mindless killing machines? Able to speak?

As you can see I am very curious. If you are a Fantasy writer let me know any of these things! I would be more than happy to discuss any and all questions I posed with you.

7 thoughts on “Working With a Fantasy World: How Do You Do It?

  1. My fantasy world has fictional places, different races and unusual names, though they aren’t all long and hard to pronounce. I plan to add magic to it as well but I have not reached that stage yet. It will generally be limited, at least for the book I am writing. A person might have one specific skill they can use.
    I don’t plan to add dragons, but I love them 😀

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    1. I love that idea with magic. My book is a bit grim-dark so I made magic something that should be a last resort. I like when it’s not an ever present thing.
      I had my Dragon be the last one. A little bit of Skyrim and GoT influence there, but he’s not a mindless killing machine
      My names got a bit weird because I tried to use old languages to name my characters so it would mirror their personality or they were names I used in RPGs through the years.

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